How do I stop my son from dating a woman with small *******?

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Stale White Male asked:

My son is turning 18 soon and has recently started dating. However, his first friend has very small breasts, probably an A-cup. Now the god bless his heart, loves you ever so much, but I 'd Gradica set a precedent to avoid the constant crepacuore future. I wouldn 't want to be ridiculed by his friends and fellow classmates for' going out with a flatty 'because I would have been back during my younger years. Females Unendowed are generally emotionally unstable had low self-esteem (I don 't want a queen of teen drama on my son' s hands!) My biggest concern is that many years down the line, their female children would be 'chicks' plan, as well. I 'd Gradica my son be a spittin' image of his old man and help you avoid some obvious mistakes. I should forbid her from dating or leave calculate it out for themselves over time?

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